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The bulky shape and soft idiom of the vase complement the hand-painted brushstrokes. Its stylish and exclusive look ensures the longevity of the Omaggio vase. The clear idiom of the Omaggio series is easy combined with the things you already have. Use the black-striped vase in a decorative design tableau with the other colours and sizes of the Omaggio series.

Dimensions: 8.5cm wide x 12.5cm

Material: Ceramic

Designed by Stilleben

All Kähler products are handmade with special attention to the artistic expression and to quality craftmanship. The products will last for many years, if you follow these simple guidelines:

- We recommend that you wash the ceramic products by hand, using a mild detergent.
- Never use steel wool for cleaning.
- To allow the ceramic products to breathe, please store and dry them upside down, otherwise they may give off moisture because of water absorption.
- The ceramic products may have slight variations in shape and colour; that is part of the charm of quality craftmanship – and has been at Kähler since 1839.


Kähler represents Nordic design and gastronomy, coupled with the great respect for its 175-year-old heritage and tradition – a brand universe in which all are welcome, where the emphasis is on authentic experience.
It has now been fully 175 years since the first Kähler vase was turned at the little pottery workshop in Næstved. It was the beginning of a unique design adventure that would leave its mark on the world. Kähler’s ceramics made an impression at the 1889 World Exhibition in Paris – at which the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated.

The historic Kähler workshop was a meeting place for many of the very greatest Danish artist, such as Thorvald Bindesbøll, Svend Hammershøi and Kai Nielsen.
Many talented ceramic painters have been affiliated with the historic Kähler workshop, including a number of women who played an important role.