NUR Long Tray



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The popular NUR Tray’s can be used for many different purposes and you are only limited by your imagination.
Use the NUR Trays for decoration, to organise all office supplies at your desk, in the bathroom for jewellery and perfumes, as serving trays, storage of oils and spices in the kitchen – you name it.

Dimensions: 30.5cm x 10.6cm x 1.5cm

Made from 100% steel with powder coating.
Hot colourful candle wax can leave marks as well as other strong dyes.
The metal can get extremely hot and leave marks.
The product is not approved for food.
Oil from cooking etc should be removed immediately to avoid marks.
Clean with hot water. Do not put in dishwasher. Do not use washing brushes or other abrasive cloths, as this can damage the product surface.

Made in Denmark


The honest, simple and minimalist approach to design, materiality and idiom creates a stylish, modern and timeless elegance in all products. In German the word NUR means “only” or “just” which is the essential expression of the designs. The designer behind NUR, Maja Bogh Vindbjerg takes inspiration from the Nordic traditions. This, along with her understanding of production methods and knowledge of the challenges and opportunities various materials afford, results in minimalistic and simple solutions in form and level of detail. Maja is currently finishing her masters program at Aarhus School of Architecture and already has several furniture designs put into production.