Flat Lay IV

by Kimmy Hogan


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illustration by kimmy hogan

limited edition of 50 per size
available in two sizes
hand signed and numbered

colours are vibrant and crisp printed with archival ink on lovely 300gsm 100% cotton rag card. art will last a lifetime. frame not included.

please allow up to two weeks for shipping of two larger sizes.


SMALL: 16″ x 22″

MEDIUM: 50cm x 70cm

I am an artist, graphic designer, mother to one (with another on the way) and love bringing beauty into my home.

I have a bachelors degree in graphic design and have worked in the industry for over ten years. My passion for design, art and home interiors were all screaming for my attention – creating art for homes is where these passions overlapped so it was a natural progression for me. I dived head first into the creative arts three years ago and have been so fulfilled with combining these loves.

My art has clean lines, crisp colours, is mostly colourful and a mix of classic and eclectic. My style is ever-changing as is my taste for something new. I am influenced by trends and art movements but stay clear of fads. I’m a bit of a style chameleon as I chase down new ideas and experiment with new techniques. All my illustrations are digitally hand-drawn with my own set of digital brushes and techniques I’ve created so whilst I have new ranges that contrast one to the next they all have my underlying hand-drawn style with a clean simplicity.

My love of illustration has found me venturing into more fulfilling graphic design projects including branding for creative businesses and textile design and I look forward to expanding my design portfolio in the future.