Felt Storage Bin

Medium with Peach Handles


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Turns out the secret to a lovely home where you can display unique finds and carefully curated collections lies not in keeping a tidy spotless home, but rather in containing your clutter in well designed storage bins .
These felt bins are perfect for organising and keeping clutter at bay. Unlike plastic bins, they are pretty enough to display – in your living room for toys or magazines, your bedroom for clothes and books, or your office for papers you need to sort through.

When you’re not using the felt bins, simply fold them flat and store in your closet.

Felt bins are made using a durable industrial synthetic felt making them soft yet strong.

Size (based on the bins base): Width: 25cm Length:30cm Height: 22cm

Perfect for storing toys, papers, clothes or magazines. These felt bins are lightweight, when storing something heavy like magazines – simply lay one magazine down in the bin first, then prop the rest up.

Loop Design is Elisheva Manekin. An industrial designer living in a tiny rural town in Southern Israel. Loop Design creates modern, timeless and unique home accessories. The pieces designed combine natural with thoughtful and functional design and quickly become prized possessions that infuse your daily life with beauty. To Loop Design, a beautiful home is a place to create beautiful memories.