EM77 Vacuum Jug



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The vacuum jug with the unique rocker stopper was created by Erik Magnussen and is one of Stelton’s best selling designs ever. Besides the rocker stopper it has a screw cap for transportation of liquids.
Want to spice up your home with a metallic look? Pep up your living room with Stelton and the latest home decorating trend.
Stelton has brought metallic magic to the iconic EM77 by Erik Magnussen. With the metallic EM77 in mirror finish, it’s easy for you to adapt the current trend to your own style.

Design: 1977/2013 by Erik Magnussen.

Material: stainless steel with metal coating, glass filler.
Vol: 1L
- Award winning vacuum jug – a classic from 1977.
- Patented rocker stopper and screw cap for excursions.

Stelton began 50 years ago in Denmark and was formed by Niels Stellon Holm and Carton Madelaire. Stellon and Carton joined forces with Danish Stainless in the 1960′s and began marketing a stainless gravy boat that sold like hotcakes. The company was then taken over by Peter Holmbard, the stepson of famous Danish architect – Arne Jacobsen. Holmbald convinced his stepfather to design for Stelton and this is where the iconic product design began.