Ceramic Tiles

Set of 4


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Small bowls with 4 different patterns “splash, cross, circle, no place” These are perfect as coasters, small platters, decoration…

The set of 4 contains one of each pattern.

Dimensions: H10.5cm x 10.5cm


“I’m drawn to the unexpected and unpredictable, the perfect attracts me.”

With simple tools such as brush and pen, calligrapher and designer Ylva Skarp has created a personal visual language that has taken the world by storm. Her way of shaping images of letters – sometimes ornate and sparse, other times raw and powerful – everything from paintings to everyday objects trigger relentlessly running thoughts. Ylva Skarp’s version of contemporary Swedish design is an irresistible blend of craftsmanship, humour and flair.

I’ve always liked to combine surface and content.
To provide the visual an emotional charge.

Ylva Skarp was educated at Roehampton Institute in London, and has worked professionally with calligraphy and design for 15 years. She is currently residing in Leksand in Dalarna in a combined residence and studio, which has obvious signs of her characteristic graphic style. This is where she retrieves the power and inspiration although her market nowadays is global and extends far beyond the borders of Sweden.