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Life is a sweet paradise on this desert island and the temperature is rising. Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins are shipwrecked as children in the 1980 classic Blue Lagoon, and as adolescence kicks in these bronzed beauties face a bewildering yet irrepressible desire for each other.

For the dizzying heights of youthful romance the fragrance displays a delicate yet bittersweet, floral top note of Neroli. Bountiful aromas of sweet Fig and lush Fresh Grass lie at the heart of the perfume. At the base: herbaceous & woody Artemisia is redolent of driftwood – or perhaps the teen lovers’ hut soaking in the tropical rain, with spicy Nutmeg for a hint of their earthly, primal longings.

Full size candle – 170g

Refill wax – 150g

TÊTE À TÊTE’s fragrances are considered and imaginatively developed around a concept of time and memory in cinema. TÊTE À TÊTE recalls and explores the instincts and emotions painted by a character, mood and story from a film. The perfume is composed by drawing on the emotional landscape of a pivotal scene in the narrative. Original, evocative and lyrical, take a moment with a TÊTE À TÊTE product to contemplate a memory, a preserved fragment of time.