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The shape that moves. Looking like nothing else the Aalto collection laid the foundation for timeless design.

In 1936, Alvar Aalto created his classic series of glass vases. The Alvar Aalto collection has been a staple of modern Scandinavian design and the most iconic series in the Iitala range ever since. Aalto, Finnish for “wave,” created a glass vase with wavy lines and whimsical freeform design that continues to win awards, has residency in famous museums, and is sought-after worldwide.

Today, just as then, each and every vase in the Alvar Aalto collection is mouth blown at the Iitala glass factory. Available in white, clear and desert, a vase from the Aalto collection is a pleasure to own or to give as a gift.

3 sizes available

Small: 9.5cm x 11.5cm x 10cm

Medium: 12cm x 15cm x 12.5cm

Large: 16cm x 20cm x 17cm

Born in Kuortane in 1898, Alvar Aalto made his name as a master of modern architecture through his unique style and exceptional talent. He worked closely with his wife Aino Aalto.
Aalto designed concert halls, libraries, hospitals, museums and private homes, among others, all around the world. His works were exhibited in the New York Museum of Modern Art already in the 1930s. Aalto also designed several objects which were originally intended to become parts of buildings and decorations. However, the objects took on a life of their own.
The most famous of the objects designed by Aalto is the Aalto vase, which was first seen at the 1937 Paris World Exposition. Independently and together with his wife Aino Aalto, Alvar Aalto designed a number of versatile objects.