About Us

About Resident GP

Here at Resident GP we believe that one’s home should reflect their individuality and personality. Because of this, we have developed a shop that strives to offer our customers a carefully curated selection of items for the home.

We are your design hunters, we do the work for you and we prescribe the products. We search the globe for the iconic, the well-known and the never seen before pieces to make your home the best it can be.

Who Are We?

We’re Gabi and Pawel, a young couple based in Melbourne, Australia. Resident GP is fuelled by our love of design, making a home a sanctuary and wanting to share our discoveries with anyone who is intrigued by unique and special goods for the home.

Our backgrounds are varied but we both have an intense love for design. Pawel is an engineer who has a high regard for all things practical and functional. Gabi studied architecture and has worked within the furniture and homewares industry for many years. She’s not so practical and tends to get carried away with the creative side of things.

The name Resident GP was established as a union of our desire to help resolve your home décor and styling ailments along with the brains and brawn behind this adventure… G & P. (Gabi and Pawel…get it?  )

We want customers to feel free to contact us with any dilemma, questions or styling issues that you may have.
We’re always at the end of a telephone line or email.