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7 great reasons to install motorised plantation shutters this summer

Why should you buy motorised plantation shutters and not roller blinds? Plantation shutters have several advantages over regular blinds, and the difference lies in the design. The former has a large, ornate shutter which is mounted on wooden slats.

This wooden slat that covers the whole window is perfectly designed to block out sunlight, and the slats open and close effortlessly. The great advantage of this design is that it is very comfortable and easy to operate.

A regular shutter, on the other hand, is a matter of a few slats which are unattached to an electric motor. Since the blinds are not electronic, you cannot get the real pleasure of waking up to an automatic shutter opener. Moreover, they cannot be operated remotely with an app like Google Home or Apple HomeKit.

This is why people prefer blinds which have multiple wooden slats covering the whole window surface. Curtains made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are also available, but they are less stylish and prone to dust collection. Many homeowners also want shutters which are unobtrusive, because they want to keep their windows looking good.

Motorised plantation shutters are the best option. These shutters have slats similar to those of regular blinds, but they are usually made from wood instead of PVC.

You can also opt for slats which are transparent, meaning that the top half of the slats are exposed, and these are called ‘virtual blinds’. This design also gives you the benefit of viewing outside through the top half of the slats.

If you are trying to decide whether to buy blinds online or plantation shutters, you might also want to consider the material of the slats. Some screens come with plastic slats while others come with wooden slats.

If you buy shutters which have plastic slats, you will have to clean them regularly, whereas if you go for wooden slats, you only have to replace them every few years. In general, Gold Coast plantation shutters are quite expensive, and most people prefer curtains that are reasonably priced.

Another reason for which you should buy shutters is that they have an integrated dust cover which allows you to have your window clean without having to use one of those specific blind dusting products. If you have a large window, this feature alone will save you from having to dust at least once a week.

To conclude, shutters that use operating motors are best for homeowners who like to maintain their home design. These shutters give you the real satisfaction of having a window that is self-opened and self-closed specifically for your needs.

You can choose to buy curtains and Venetian blinds that match your shutters. If you do so, you will not need to change your window curtains and Venetian blinds every time you have to re-screen your window.

These are just some of the reasons why you should go to motorised plantation shutters instead of regular blinds. If you think you will be happy to buy curtains, you can also consider some other alternatives such as skylights and side panels.

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